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vacation outfit inspiration and travel outfits

I have the travel bug!!! Which also means ... some new outfit inspiration. The one of many many amazing things about traveling is the outfits you get to plan! I love to go out, not just to go out but so I can plan a fire outfit, the same goes for when I am on vacation. The instant Pinterest search I do for : vacation outfits, beach outfits, Mexico outfits, swimsuit style, summer fashion... I spend too much time creating fashion Pinterest boards is what I am saying.

If you have not already check out my beachwear and swim wear post here ->>

I preplanned all my outfits, slayed them all out. I did this so I did not over pack! I took photos of the many ways I could wear a pieces, with different tops, shoes etc.. I created a folder in my phone and labelled it outfits for Mexico. I think this is my favourite packing tip for when you are traveling. I also added a few basics, black crop tops, black dress, scrappy black heels - basics that go with everything, that you can build on for a great look.

All products are linked - if out of stock I linked similar

Comfy Travel Outfits - Perfect for travel excursion

Crop tops and shorts - easy to walk in, breathable, and you look put together. I love to add a cotton blouse just to layer it up- also to protect my shoulders from getting burned lol.

This outfit also looks great with sneakers which is essential when being on your feet all day.

Casual Travel Outfits

Casual but cute outfit inspiration is my favourite. I love a fun crop top with high waisted skirts or high waisted jean shorts. It is breathable, easy to throw on, and comfortable.

I also love that if you have a basic crop top and add a skirt your outfit is elevated by the skirt.


If you are wearing a fun crop top or top and pair it with basic jean shorts the top elevates your look.

Dressy Vacation Outfit Inspiration

I think dresses are great to pack, it minimizes the amount you pack. You can also layer it with a jacket or sweater to create multiple looks. I think vacation is a time to wear whatever you want, get out of your comfort zone. I mean really wear whatever you want, you will never see these people on the resort again, or people you pass by- so do you boo!

I mean a silk dress in any colour with scrappy heeled sandals =essential.

Every girl has a silk dress in their closet. I have a red silk dress and black one. Silk makes anything look more expensive or fancy.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE LOOKS! light weight flared high waisted trousers. It is so breathable for nights that are a little colder. I will also add a oversized biker jacket to any look such a great basic to have. I am also in love with this green clutch. This green has been the colour for a while and I finally got on the trend.

Love to pair a basic little black dress- a staple with a bold piece like a sequins bag and some fun shoes. I hate slides but I do love love these ones. They have fringe detailing and gold metal going across. They are so fun but also fo with everything!

The Jewelry I Travelled With

I like to pack jewelry that goes with each outfit. This way I can make the most of the selected pieces I bring. some great gold hoops, and diamond earrings. Dainty necklaces that can be layered. I do throw in a statement necklace as well.

I have a jewelry line that I have curated a bunch of great, unique pieces that are easy to layer or wear on its own. I have started carrying tarnish free jewelry as well which was great for being in the water all day.

Check out the full collect here ->>Sweet and Spicy Jewls

What jewelry I wore on vacation:

My jewelry travel case

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Make Life Marvelous
Make Life Marvelous
22 במאי 2023

I love all of these pretty looks, Shianne!! Hope you're having a wonderful start to your week so far! :) Ashley

11 ביוני 2023
בתשובה לפוסט של

awe thank you so much !


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